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Universal A is a complementary feed to make a complete food for small insect-eating birds such as todi’s, bearded birds, woodpeckers, cotinga’s, larks, leavebirds, pestbirds, thrush, titmouses and nectar birds. Depending on the species, additional fruits (Aves Fruitmix), nectar (Aves Nectar or Sunhum) or live feed may be provided. This product contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Mix 30 gram biscuit meal or 40 gram ground dried bread with 1 scoop Universal A (4.5 gram). Add one whole peeled boiled egg (60 gram) and mix thoroughly in a mixer. Cool and store in a refrigerator. Make a fresh portion at least once a week. Always keep fresh drinking water available. Store in a cool and dark place
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More Information
Article number CONF-13375
Analytical constituents Crude protein: 29%, Crude fibre: 2%, Crude oils and fats: 15%, Crude ash: 18% Ca 9,9%, P 0,43%, Na 0,024%, Mg 0,34%, K 0,16%.
Additives Vitamin(e) A (3a672a) 74.800 IE/IU, Vitamin(e) D3 4.610 IE/IU. Cu (E4) 5,18 mg, Fe (E1) 51,8 mg, I (3b201) 3,11 mg, Mn (E5) 166 mg, Zn (3b605) 51,8 mg.
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