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Aves Start

200 g
Article description
Aves Start is a premix for the preparation of a complete fresh egg-rearing feed for seed eating birds, such as canaries, indigenous, exotic Finches, Budgerigars, Lovebirds, Parakeets and Parrots.

Aves Start contains all essential vitamins, minerals and trace-elements.
Directions for use:
Mix 3 biscuits (30 grams) or 40 gram ground dried bread with 1 scoop Aves Start. Mix this mixture including a whole peeled hard boiled egg (60 gram) in a mixer. Cool it and store in a refrigerator. Prepare larger quantities with a handmixer: Mix biscuitmeal and Aves Start, add diced boiled eggs, and mix. Feed prepared with bread: make a fresh portion 2-3 times a week. Feed prepared with crisp-bakes or biscuitmeal: make a fresh portion at least once a week.

Feeding advice:
Breeding pairs: 2 weeks prior to mating (or before the first egg is expected) until the young birds are transferred.
Adult birds: during moult period.
Juvenils: from hatching until the moment they are fully grown or until the end of the juvenile moult.
Thereafter switch over to Aves Plus.

Always keep fresh drinking water available.
More Information
More Information
Article number 18700
Analytical constituents Crude protein: 30%, Crude oils and fats: 14%, Crude fibre: 1,9%, Crude ash: 20%, Moisture: 7,6%, Ca: 7,9%, P: 3,5%, Na: 0,027%, Mg: 0,21%, K: 0,16%.
Additives Vit. A: 90.000 IE/IU, Vit. B1: 34 mg, Vit. B2: 71 mg, Niacine/ Niacin/ Nicotinsäure: 370 mg, Pantotheenzuur/ Panthothenic acid/ Panthothensäure: 170 mg, Vit. B6: 33 mg, Foliumzuur/ Folic acid/ Folsäure: 19 mg, Vit. B12: 280 μg, Vit. C: 910 mg, Vit. D3: 18
Contents 200 g
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