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Avian Sunbird Nectar

1 kg
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Avian Sunbird Nectar provides an important part of the daily needs of many species of birds, such as: Nectar birds, Sugar birds, Honey-suckers, White eye’s, Spider-hunters, Leaf birds, Tangara's, Organists and Bulbuls.
Avian Sunbird Nectar is also suitable for Exotics.
In addition to our Sunbird Nectar, it is very important that you supplement the diet with Avian Universal or Avian Frugivore Diet and live food such as spiders, wax moth larvae, buffalos and white mealworms. Also the provision of fresh fruit is an indispensable source of food.
Feeding advice: For sunbirds dissolve 10 grams of nectar powder in 100 ml with stirring. lukewarm water.

In addition to the menu of all other types of birds, we recommend 7 grams per 100 ml. water.

Freshly made nectar can be stored for 12 hours. Make a fresh amount every day. In warm and sunny weather twice a day. One kilo of nectar gives 10 liters of nutrition.
More Information
More Information
Article number 11235
Analytical constituents Crude protein 6,2%, Crude oils & fats 0,62%, Crude fibre 0,43%, Crude ash 1,6%, Calcium 0,33%, Phosphorus 0,2%, Sodium 0,011%, Magnesium 0,037%, Potassium 0,18%, Sulfur 0,038%.
Additives Nutritional additives/kg: Vitamin A 2800 IU, Vitamin B1 320 mg, Vitamin B1 320 mg, Vitamin B2 510 mg, Vitamin B6 350 mg, Folic acid 4,7 mg, Vitamin B12 440 µg, Vitamin C 31 mg, Vitamin D3 311 IU, Vitamin E 47 IU, Biotin 4300 µg, Vitamin K3 4,6 mg, Choli
Contents 1 kg
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